G&Fills Professional Pickup System is based on simplicity and efficiency. One single piezo-ceramic element mounted on the bridge provides a perfect capture and produces a warm and natural acoustic sound.

G&Fills Professional Pickup System is removable and very easy to assemble. Includes a lightweight and handmade wood jack support in line with the aesthetics of the instruments. Lightweight and free of muting effect.

VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO and DOUBLE BASS models available.

Based on piezo-ceramic element. Maximum sound capture, high impedance.
Copper shield. Minimum inductance hum.
Rean mini XLR socket violin connectors. Lightweight, precise and secure.
Mogami 3 mm cable with Neutrik 1/4" Jack plug. High sound quality guaranteed.
Fine wood jack support. Lightweight and beautiful, Ebony and Rosewood available.
Stainless Steel Screws.
You can use a preamp for a best performance but it is not an indispensable condition.



Laura Cruells, voice & Marçal Ayats, cello. G&Fills cello pickup system

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