The design of our electric string instruments is the result of a constant search for new materials and techniques, which has allowed us to conceive a comfortable string electric instrument with the maximum sound quality and beauty.

We have modified old string instruments anatomic characteristics to create a new instrument according to modern sound production and amplification ways. A highly ergonomic design together with our shoulder rest system with attachment and center ball head - especially created for our violins and violas - allow a completely comfortable playing even in the traditionally worst positions.

Thanks to their structure they are very resistant to impacts and also to temperature and humidity changes.

We are exceptionally careful with the wood selection, as well as the electronic and hardware components selection.


Our electric violins, violas,cellos and basses are completely hand-crafted and they are usually created according to every costumer's personal preferences.

Each one of our instrument's body is made of tropical hardwood that depending on every costumer's personal taste and on wood's availability can be made of:

African Ebony, diospyros crassiflora
Grows in Central and Western Africa. A very dense and hard wood (930Kg/cu. m) with straight to slightly interlocked grain.
Ebony is the absolute premium wood for fingerboards and accessories.
Recommended for fingerboards, accessories and one single piece electric violins.
Bosse, guarea cedrata
Bosse is a well known african species of the meliaceae family, same as Mahogany.
Medium weight (570Kg/cu. m) but hard.
Provides good mid range frequencies and a thick well defined bottom.
Sound quality similar to Mahogany, a good choice for electric violas.
Boxwood, buxus sempervirens
Boxwood is native to Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia.
Color tends to be from light cream to yellow and darkens slightly with prolonged exposure to light.
Hard and heavy (900Kg/cu. m).
Boxwood is well-suited for electric violins and electric violas accessories.
Bubinga, guibourtia demeusei
From tropical regions of Africa. The heartwood is typically medium reddish brown or purplish brown with darker veining, often
exhibiting "bees-wing" mottle.
Hard and heavy (880Kg/cu. m) used by luthiers for custom guitars and basses.
Mellow and well-rounded sound. Recommended for electric violins and violas.
Cocobolo, dalbergia retusa
The best Cocobolo comes from Central America.One of the finest and most beautifully figured woods in the world.
Hard and heavy (1100Kg/cu. m) with brilliant colors and amazing black stripes. Oranges, reds, browns and blacks.
Many famous players such as Stanley Clarke use instruments made of Cocobolo.
Provides well-defined bass frequencies and high quality trebles, without shrillness.
Honduras Mahogany, wietenia macrophylla
Grows in Central and Tropical South America. Exceptionally stable and clear with a natural luster. Moderately coarse texture.
Reddish, pinkish, salmon colored, or yellowish when fresh, deepening with age to rich red or brown.
Mid to heavy weight and hard (640Kg/cu. m). Tone is warm and full with good sustain.
Nice and lightweight, this wood is good for electric violin and viola bodies or electric cello and bass necks.
Honduras Rosewood, dalbergia stevensonii
Honduras Rosewood has many beautiful looks from red to brown with purples and oranges.
Hard and heavy (940Kg/cu. m) but less than Cocobolo.
It is considered by many as the best wood out there, it has a glass-like tap tone.
Very resonant across the whole frequency spectrum.
Macassar Ebony, diospyros celebica
It mainly comes from the Celebes Islands of Indonesia. Renowned for its distinctive streaking pattern, which consists of black
heartwood contrasting sharply with creamy to light reddish sapwood.
Extremely hard and very heavy (1090Kg/cu. m). Very popular among electric guitars and basses builders.
We like fingerboards and accesories made of Macassar Ebony.
Maple, acer pseudoplatanus
Origin: Europe and southwestern Asia. In the United States, acer pseudoplatanus is usually called Sycamore Maple to
distinguish it from the tree that is more commonly referred to as Sycamore. Sapwood color ranges from almost white to a light
golden or reddish brown while the heartwood is darker reddish brown. It also can be found with curly or quilted grain patterns.
Hard, mid to heavy weight (600Kg/cu. m). Provides a good sound quality, clean and well-balanced.
Olivewood, jollea europaea
Native to the coastal areas of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin like northern Iran at the south end of the Caspian Sea.
Hard and heavy (980Kg/cu. m). It has a light velvety texture with dark brown swirls creating the impression of small faces or
animals peering out of the wood.
Used for electric violin and viola accessories.
Purple Heart, peltogyne confertiflora
Grows in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Hard and heavy (930Kg/cu. m).
Purpleheart has a creamy white/gray sapwood. As its name suggests the heartwood is bright, striking purple when freshly cut,
darkening into a deeper purple with age. The tone is bright.
Especially recommended for one single piece electric violin.
Spanish Cedar, cedrela odorata
From Central and South America. Color is light red or pinkish orange, resembles mahogany at first glance.
Light in weight and moderately soft (480Kg/cu. m).
It provides a great, rounded, soft and well balanced sound.
Especially recommended for electric viola, electric cello and upright-bass lightweight bodies.
Walnut, juglans regia
Grows throughout Eastern U.S. Sapwood is creamy white while heartwood goes from light brown to dark chocolate brown
occasionally with a purplish cast and darker streaks. It's dense like Maple but less heavy (640Kg/cu. m) and usually more
stable. Walnut that grows slower shows a tighter grain and the sound is richer.
Walnut is another one our favorite tone woods, electric bass players have long known about Walnut's tonal qualities.
Zebrawood, microberlinia brazzavillensis
From Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo. It is a decorative exotic wood, often used in custom guitars and basses.
It's hard and heavy (750Kg/cu. m) but not so heavy as other tropical woods.
A good choice for electric violins and violas.The wood itself has a shining appearance.
Provides a well balanced and rich sound in all frequencies.

You can also choose between different tuners, accesories and components for your instrument.

Schaller M6 tuners
German made, Schaller is one of the best tuners in the market. For a precise and easy tuning of the instrument.
Available in three finishes: black, gold, and gold with ebony knobs. Ratio 12:1
Recommended for all electric violins and violas.
Gotoh 510 tuners
Those are Japanese tuners. Gotoh includes a system named Permanent Lubri-Plate™ that allows a precise and soft tuning.
An attractive design in six different finishes: chrome, satin chrome, black, satin black and bright gold or satin gold. 18:1 "gear ratio".
Perfect for 5 string electric violins and violas.
Gotoh Compact Bass tuners
Gotoh Compact Bass tuners are assembled in our electric cellos. They have the right size for this instrument type. Very precise tuners.

Chrome, gold or black. 20:1 "gear ratio".

Acousti-phonic Modular Pre-amp

Made by Graftech. The Acousti-Phonic Modular Pre-amp captures the natural acoustics of your electric cello or bass, which can then be amplified or directly recorded.


We also have available the best accessories for your instrument.

Schertler amplifiers

Made in Switzerland. Every one of its components, from preamplifiers to loudspeakers, has been designed for natural and accurate response.

Class A circuit producing the smooth and musical reverb sound.

Schertler DAVID  
Weight 10,3Kg.
Dimension 26x30x36 cm.
Speakers 1” Doom Tweeter - 6” Woofer.
Channels 2 independent channels.
Effect Spring reverb.
Power 100 Watts  / Bi-amplified.
Schertler ÚNICO  
Weight 15.4 Kg.
Dimension 34x31x43 cm.
Speakers 1” Doom Tweeter - 8 ” Woofer.
Channels 3 independent channels.
Effect Spring reverb.
Power 200 Watts  / Bi-amplified.

Flight Case

Exclusively designed and made for our electric violins, violas, cellos and basses by Yurtoncase.

They are made of a 7 mm thickness Birch and PVC, completely resistant to impacts and extreme temperatures.

Violin, bows and accessories fit perfectly in its high quality interior foam that protects from shocks and isolates from humidity.

With security shutters and an ergonomic handle. Red / black available.

flight case for G&Fills electric cello

Mogami cable

Professional 6mm cable. NEUTRIK Jack. Reduces noise and provides exceptional sound quality.

Super-Sensitive Strings
Set for electric violin, viola, cello and upright bass.
Special strings for 5 and 6 string instruments.
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