Jordi Claret
One piece electric cello model.
Graduated with honors at ESMUC, with Michel Poulet, also studied "Perfeccionament del violoncel" with Lluis Claret. He's performed in great concert halls such as the Carnegie Hall in New York. He plays as a soloist with San Remo Orchestra, ONCA, URV Orchestra and often collaborates with ONCA, OCT48, Camerata XXI, " Camerata de la Scubertíada" and the OBC. It also collaborates with Anímic.
Santi Bonet
One piece electric custom violin.
Santi Bonet is from Ibiza. He was graduated at the “Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears”. He also studied with great musicians (“maestros”?) such as Agustín León Ara and Oriol Saña. He has played with orchestras such as "Simfònica del Teatre de l'Òpera de Menorca" and X "Simfònica del Vallès". He is currently exploring new musical horizons with resident dj's in Ibiza and also plays with The Lost Mountain Orchestra.
The Lost Mountain Orchestra
Jordi Ferran
5 string electric violin.
Jordi Ferran was born in Barcelona and graduated at "Conservatori del Liceu" where he also studied jazz and improvisation. He plays violin with the band Jazzlantida. He currently plays duo with pianist Elena Montané and is also preparing a new album with singer Peter Castro.
He is the director of the “Escola de Música i Dansa de la Vallalta” since 2007.
Joan Antoni Pich
Two piece electric cello model.
Joan Antoni Pich is one of the most versatile cellists of the european music scene. In addition to his experience playing orchestral and chamber music, he is also an expert player of contemporary, jazz and flamenco music. He is currently a member of Barcelona 216 (contemporary music), Paño Moruno (flamenco) and Murtra Ensemble.
Alex Rodríguez Flaqué
One piece electric custom cello.
Young cellist born in Barcelona. He studied cello with Cristoforo Pestalozzi and also studied with Oriol Saña and Sergi Jordà. He plays duo with pianist M. Del Mar Poyatos and is the cellist of Enigmatism (pop-rock band) and Kibo. He has currently performed CelloHero, an interactive show that mixes electronic music with audiovisual material.
Oriol Saña
One single piece electric violin.
Graduated Cum Laude in Jazz Performance at Berklee College of Music, he developed his musical career combining both classical and popular music fields. He has collaborated on more than twenty CDs and participated in numerous music festivals.
He is currently the jazz violin professor at "Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya" ESMUC and co-founder member of Folkincats.
Pau Vázquez
4 string electric violin.
Young violinist born in Premià de Dalt. He studied jazz violin and sonology at ESMUC “Escola Superior de música de Catalunya”. Violinist of Katarsik and Northland, a band constantly touring around the world.
Roser Loscos
Young catalan violinist studying with Didier Lockwood at the "Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood". (París)
Stephanie Gonsior
Violinist and teacher specialized in tango music, a great friend of G&Fills. (Berlin)
Coloma Bertran
Young violinist born in Vic. She lives in Paris where she is studying with Didier Lockwood. (París)
Joan Aymerich
Versatile musician: jazz and classical pianist, arranger, composer and producer. He collaborates actively in every G&Fills
project. A good friend. (Barcelona)
Murtra Ensemble
Music ensemble of Catalonia, specialized to twentieth century and contemporary music. (Barcelona)
A brand specialized in making top quality Flight Cases. Yurtoncase manufactures all of our instrument cases. (Piera)
Multi-room professional recording studio. (Barcelona)
Escola Superior de Música Catalunya. (Barcelona)
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